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  1. Yoeleo Time Trial /Triathlon Wheels on Fire

    Lao Max`s Bike with Yoeleo C60|Disc Wheelset

    Review: Look great with a clean and minimalist design. I have mounted a Victoria clincher, installation has been smooth and fast without special efforts. The tube valve is very easy to access and inflate even using a bulky pump and I can use a standard tube size. Once riding the wheel rolls smooth even  sprinting  , The first couple of test are showing a saving of about 5-8 watt  vs  a 88mm profile wheels .  Had no major complains even with strong lateral wind. If I have to pick an area of improvement would be the weight but at this price...


    Christopher`s Propel with Yoeleo SAT C60|88 PRO

    Review: Propel is ready to do battle, for Beer Tree Racing cycling team, in 2019. Took the Yoeleo wheels tubeless. Their design has no through holes on the tire side of the rim,

    so the Schwalbe Pro One tires seated and sealed on the first try, with no rim strips or tape of any kind. Just Stans sealant and air. Yoeleo. Very happy.


    Thomas racing with Yoeleo C88|88 PRO, super smooth DT Swiss 240S hubs and ultra-light Sapim CX-Ray spokes are a great match!


    Troy who is qualified for world championships racing with Yoeleo TT wheelset

    Review: A huge thank you to Yoeleo for all your support! Another PB bike split on these super quick wheels! Now we are off to the World Championships!


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  2. Are Chinese Carbon Wheels Reliable?

    To buy from China or not ?

    To go tubeless or not ?

    Is Yoeleo wheels reliable ?

    So many questions come to you when deciding on your wheels purchase. Now watch this video edited by Joe from "China Cycling" (who has purchased 3 sets of Yoeleo wheels and used them for 5-6 years), you will have all the answers for those questions.

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  3. YOELEO Wheels Unboxing

    This morning the JAM Team's "service course" (i.e. Mike's house) received a parcel - and not just any parcel - but a set of Yoeleo SAT C60/88 Pro Tubeless/Clincher wheels and 4 of Yoeleo's side loading carbon bottle cages.

    They are here in Perth to be ridden hard - and will be on Mike's TT bike and probably his road bike too.

     Mike's reaction is "I have unboxed quite a few really expensive wheel sets in my time, and these are by far the best protected wheels I have seen. They are shipped with spare spokes, aero quick releases, and brake pads as well as 'UCI approved' stickers if you wanted to put them on."

    "Side loading bottle cages are particularly perfect for small frames when a tall bottle just can't be mounted on the seat post in a normal cage."

    "The wheels themselves are very sexy looking, with no spoke holes in the wide rim bed to allow for mounting tubeless tyres without having to go through the rigmarole of special rim-tape. The rims are modern wide rim beds with the blunt trailing edge that you see on all the expensive wheel sets now. The hubs on this set are DT Swiss 350's which are their performance workhorse hubs. I can't wait to get them on the road to see how they perform".

    Many thanks to our team-mate Steve up in China for arranging this - and most especially to Leo Yoeleo for sending these babies down to Perth. More to come -

    but in the meantime here are some unboxing pictures:

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  4. Yoeleo Rewards Me for My Ride

    Reward 1: Free Cycling Cap

    Everyone has chance to get a free Yoeleo cycling cap by doing as follow:
    1. Submit the attendance form from our website:
    2. Join in Yoeleo Facebook Group:
    3. Share the total distance you`ve ridden in 2018 with Strava page link by comment under group announcement post during Jan 1st to Jan 14th,2019:

    After reviewing the info you submitted, we will contact you and confirm the give-away of cycling cap through Facebook.

    Reward 2: A Free Front SAT CA50 Wheel

    This reward is given to the person who gets most shares for this event post. He/she must do as follow:
    1. Submit the attendance form from our website:
    2. Share this event post from our Facebook page to your own timeline and try to make it gains as many more shares as possible.
    3. Join in Yoeleo Facebook Group:
    4. Show us the link of the event post that you shared by comment under group announcement post on Jan 14th 2019:

    We will review all the info and reveal the winner on Feb 1st,2019 in our Facebook group.

    Reward 3: Free SAT C50|50 PRO Wheelset

    This is the most exciting one! To win this reward, you need to do as follow:
    1. Submit the attendance form from our website:
    2. Join in Yoeleo Facebook Group:
    3. Join in our Strava group:
    4. Keep riding, and try to rank within the leaderboard from above Strava group during the week of Feb 18th –Feb 24th,2019

    We will review that week`s leaderboard and find the person whose weekly distance is mostly close to the top 100`s average distance to be the winner. The winner will be revealed on Feb 26th,2019 in our Facebook group.

    Yoeleo reserves all the right for the final explanation of this event.


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  5. Happy New Year 2019

    YOELEO wish you a wonderful new year filled with abundance, joy, and treasured moments. May 2019 be your best year yet!

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  6. 2018 Yoeleo Christmas Sales & Daily Deals

    As we usher in the new year with great celebrations and expectations, we take this moment to express our heartfelt gratitude to you.

    For all orders placed between Dec 1st and Dec 15th, we are offering a huge discount as 15% off for all of our products series.

    Besides, for orders with two or more wheelsets, we are offering an ultimate discount as 18% off. If you have friends looking for new rims or wheelsets, team up and enjoy the benefits that can not be missed!

    Furthermore, every day between Dec 1st till Dec 15th, there will be two sets of different wheels updated on our official website for special sale with discount up to 50% off! Register now and stay tuned, don't miss the real great deal you should enjoy.

    2018 Yoeleo Christmas Sale Coupon Code: CS15DEC which will automatically go into effect on 2018/12/01 00:00 (UTC).

    Feel free to contact us by e-mailing to or calling +86-592-5651740 if you got any questions about the products or the sale event.

    Merry Christmas and enjoy your ride with Yoeleo!

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  7. Improvements from Yoeleo

    Last week, Yoeleo has updated the official website with several changes including new series of products, a reward points system, international affiliate program and the group discount activity. So what are the main differences?


    New series of Yoeleo SAT wheels are launched with many improvement in design and production.

    1. Yoeleo SAT (Special Assembly Technology)
    Yoeleo SAT wheels are built with no spoke holes on tire bed, thus increase 30% of the wheel strength and 10% of inflation capacity, and saved wheels weight due to no rim tapes required.

    2. Braking Surface Technology
    We updated the braking surface with a higher TG resin plus 1K carbon fiber, which provide with better heat-dissipation and longer braking lifetime.

    3. Tubeless Technology (25mm & 27mm)
    The tubeless technology allows the wheels to be compatible with both clincher and tubeless tires, which has further advantages over conventional rims.

    4. Brand New Appearance
    Besides our previous series, we update the new series with a more modern and fashion UD Matt looking, with or without a black glossy decal, they look sharp and full of power.

    5. Prolonged Warranty
    For all purchase made after Oct 15th, 2018, Yoeleo offers a 3-year warranty for all the frame, fork, wheels and rims.
    You may check the updated Warranty and Return Policy here.

    6. Diversity Products Options
    Whether you are looking for a rim brake or a disc brake wheelset, no matter you are pursuing the lightest weight or a supreme performance, you can find your ideal wheels here in different depth or width with top-level hubs and spokes.


    By signing up and placing orders, you receive reward points for the purchase. The system will give out 10 points for each $100 you spent. Also, you will receive reward points by interacting with us and other members, also by sharing YOELEO brand and products.

    Action Reward Limit




    Sign up

    100 Points

    Sign up for the first time

    Sign in

    10 Points

    The first time per day

    Newsletter sign up

    20 Points

    The first time per account

    Write a Product review

    50 Points

    Each review (approved)

    Refer to Friend

    30 Points

    Each invite (different friends)

    Share to Facebook

    20 Points

    First 3 times per day

    Like on Facebook

    10 Points

    First 3 times per day

    Tweet on Twitter

    10 Points

    First 3 times per day

    Like on Google

    10 Points

    First 3 times per day

    Pinterest Pin

    10 Points

    First 3 times per day

    Accumulate your reward points and exchange for a discount. For every order you place, you may spend 600 points in exchange for a $10 discount.


    By signing up at you are welcomed to join the Yoeleo Affiliate program. It's totally free and super easy to become our affiliate partner. You will be provided with unique tracking link which you can spread it and earn commissions from orders generated from it.

    How it works

    1. Simply register at Yoeleo official site and you become our affiliate partner. You can check your affiliate link in your account information.

    2. Place your tracking links to our store on your website, blog, forum post, etc. Each link you place contains affiliate code so we can track every conversion.

    3. You earn 6%-15% commissions for every successful purchase made by your visitors. Commission rate increase as your revenue accumulate.

    Commission Tiers

    Your commission starts at 6%.
    When your revenue reaches $3000, commission rate will increase to 10%.
    When you reach $30000, commission rate will increase to 15%.


    Profit With No Rushing Around
    Just redirect your visitors and we do the rest without bothering you

    We Get You Equipped
    You will be supplied with a range of banners and text links to place wherever you like

    Constant Income
    Place the links/banners and money keeps on coming with no additional efforts


    To celebrate this update we are offering a discount for group purchase. Just invite 2 of your friends and submit the basic information, you can enjoy a 6% group discount together. Go for it now via this page: Group Discount


    1. YOELEO set up a new warehouse and service center in Germany aiming to provide better service to European customers.

    2. The official Europe website is is online for European customers to purchase with free custom duty/tariffs and handling fee.

    3. Ride 2 The Edge. Customers in Israel will be able to buy directly from our Israel dealer now.
    Call +97250-888-1996 for more information.

    4. New service center will be set up in Japan. Customers in Japan are welcome to purchase directly from the official Japanese website which will be on the line on Nov 15th, 2018.

    Go sign up now and join the party. If you have any questions, just contact us at and we will do all we can to support you.

    Enjoy the ride!

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  8. carbon wheels

    We offer carbon  wheels with 3 years warranty and all road carbon wheels UCI approved with YOELEO SAT technology.

    Best seller  50mm carbon wheels is on sale now.

    Checkout below link:

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  9. Yoeleo SAT C50 Carbon Wheels -Long term 6000km review

    Yoeleo SAT C50 carbon wheels long term review. Specs: 23mm width, Long term 6000km review,William is from Australia


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