This morning the JAM Team's "service course" (i.e. Mike's house) received a parcel - and not just any parcel - but a set of Yoeleo SAT C60/88 Pro Tubeless/Clincher wheels and 4 of Yoeleo's side loading carbon bottle cages.

They are here in Perth to be ridden hard - and will be on Mike's TT bike and probably his road bike too.

 Mike's reaction is "I have unboxed quite a few really expensive wheel sets in my time, and these are by far the best protected wheels I have seen. They are shipped with spare spokes, aero quick releases, and brake pads as well as 'UCI approved' stickers if you wanted to put them on."

"Side loading bottle cages are particularly perfect for small frames when a tall bottle just can't be mounted on the seat post in a normal cage."

"The wheels themselves are very sexy looking, with no spoke holes in the wide rim bed to allow for mounting tubeless tyres without having to go through the rigmarole of special rim-tape. The rims are modern wide rim beds with the blunt trailing edge that you see on all the expensive wheel sets now. The hubs on this set are DT Swiss 350's which are their performance workhorse hubs. I can't wait to get them on the road to see how they perform".

Many thanks to our team-mate Steve up in China for arranging this - and most especially to Leo Yoeleo for sending these babies down to Perth. More to come -

but in the meantime here are some unboxing pictures: