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SAT C50|50 DB PRO Clincher/Tubeless

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UCI Approved
Price in USD for 1 Pair (Front + Rear Wheel)
3 Years Warranty / Free Worldwide Shipping (Tax Excluded)

Yoeleo SAT Technology
No Outer Holes on Tire Bed
Wheels Strength +30%
Inflation Capacity +10%
Wheelset Weight -30g (No Rim Tapes Required)

Tubeless Technology
Compatible with Both Clincher and Tubeless Tires
No Rim Sealing Tapes Needed for Tubeless Tires

Super Light Rim
T800 Carbon Fiber / No Brake Track for Better Aerodynamic

DT Swiss Straight Pull Hubs with Ratchet System Technology
Guarantees Top Performance and Reliability
Center Lock Disc Brake
DT Swiss 350: Front 130g / Rear 267g
DT Swiss 240s: Front 118g / Rear 220g

Top-Level Aero Spokes from Sapim
Sapim CX-Ray / Sapim Secure Lock Nipples

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Wheels For: 700C Road Bikes

Decal Color: Black Glossy

Weave Finish: UD Matt

Rims Material: Carbon Fiber T800 WITHOUT Brake Track

Rims Type: Clincher/Tubeless

Rims Depth: 50mm

Rims Width: 25mm/27mm

Rim Shape: U Shaped

Rim Weight: 25mm wide: 500g+/-15g, 27mm wide:510g+/-15g

Hubs: DT Swiss 350 Straight Pull Disc Brake Center Lock

or DT Swiss 240S Straight Pull Disc Brake Center Lock

Hubs Weight:

DT Swiss 350 Straight Pull: 130g+267g
DT Swiss 240S Straight Pull: 118g+220g


Front QR*100mm, 12*100mm Thru Axle or 15*100mm Thru Axle,

Rear QR*135mm, 12*135mm Thru Axle or 12*142mm Thru Axle

Cassette Body: For Shimano / Sram 10.11 speed or Campagnolo 10.11 speed. (Contact us if you need spacers to run 9/10 speed) or Sram XDR

Spokes: Black Sapim CX Ray Spokes

Spoke Count: Front 24H, Rear 24H

Nipples: Black Sapim Secure Lock Nipples

Wheelset Weight:

with DT Swiss 350 Straight Pull: in 25mm wide:1547g+/-15g, in 27mm wide:1577g+/-15g

with DT Swiss 240S Straight Pull: in 25mm wide:1488g+/-15g, in 27mm wide:1518g+/-15g

Including Accessories:

Extra Spokes(2pcs)

Valve Extenders(2pcs)

Recommended Tire Width: 700Cx25(28) for 25mm wide, 700Cx28 for 27mm wide

Tube Compatibility: Presta

Rider Weight Limit: 231lbs /105kg

Max Tire Pressure Limit: 125PSI/8.6bar

Warranty: 3 Years

Certification: UCI Approved

Customer Reviews
Most Helpful Customer Reviews
  1. 5 people found the following review helpful
    Excellent Wheelset



    So, i've been running this wheelset on my Cannondale Synapse for about 1 year now. I had the wheels built up with the Swiss DT240 Hubs (which were not available as standard at the time, but which there was no problem requesting), and laced with 28 Sapim spokes. I think I could have gone with 24 hole rims (again not standard but I spoke to Yoeleo and they offered it as an option), but I went with the 28 to get a stiffer wheel that would stand up to more abuse on the heavily potholed roads we have here in the UK.

    The wheels were delivered pretty quick. There was a slight issue with the packaging, where the spokes from one wheel had rubbed a little against the hubs from the other and scratched a little of the anodising off. This wasn't that bad though - I touched it up with some matt paint and Yoeleo offered some money back to rectify the mistake.

    Out the box the wheels were slightly out of true, requiring a small adjustment. Since then however they have been faultless. They have a few thousand miles on them, and they are still running straight and are solid as a rock. Overall i've been really pleased with them and would definitely buy from Yoeleo again. They aren't the cheapest of the Chinese manufacturers, but after having researched them they seemed to produce a solid product, with good information about their manufacturing process which gave me confidence.

    I did weigh them incidentally, and the weight was pretty much in line with the numbers stated on the website.
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  2. 4 people found the following review helpful
    Yoeleo SAT C50 Pro Tubeless/clincher Disc Brake wheels



    The Team “service course” has received another parcel from Yoeleo!! (We’ve actually had it since before the holidays but Team mechanic Mike has been pretty lazy).
    This time it’s a set of Yoeleo SAT C50 Pro Tubeless/clincher Disc Brake wheels and a wheel bag. So here is Mike’s report on the unboxing and first impressions…
    “Once again I am very impressed with the packaging that these wheels come in. They are very well packed with no room to bang around in the box. Spare spokes and valve extenders are also included along with the UCI approval stickers should you want to put them on your wheels. This time no brake pads - because these are disc brake wheels.
    The hubs are set up for through-axles and there aren’t any adaptors in the box for quick releases, so anyone still using QR’s on their bike would need to get adaptors.
    The brake rotors are fitted to these wheels using a centre lock as opposed to the 6 bolt method, which is good to see from a mechanic’s point of view.
    The wheels look sexy straight out of the box with the modern wide rims and rounded trailing edge for stability and the ability to fit wider tyres with no loss of aero gains. I weighed these wheels at just over 1500gms for the set (bare - no rubber or disc), and according to their website Yoeleo offer builds using lighter hubs.
    The hubs on these wheels are once again DT Swiss 350’s with straight pull spokes, but as mentioned Yoeleo also offer different build options. The rims have no spoke holes allowing for a simple tubeless setup with no need for tubeless rim tape, and of course the external spokes allow for any quick wheel trueing in the future, without having to take the rubber and rim tape off first.
    Yoeleo have obtained UCI approval for their wheels, meaning that they have satisfied the same tests as all the far more expensive wheels out there.
    Also in the box was a Yoeleo branded wheel bag for us to have a look at. This is constructed of heavy duty material and is padded internally with a nice zipped compartment inside for storing those little extras that go with your wheels. I have personally spent good money on lower quality “big name” bags for my wheels in the past, and once again I am impressed with Yoeleo’s quality.”
    So they are Mike’s first impressions of the disc brake wheels - our guys will have these wheels at events that we are competing in around Perth from now on and anyone is welcome to come take a look at them if you ride a disc brake bike and are thinking of getting some new wheels at a decent price - all pricing and further details can be found at so go and have a look
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  3. 4 people found the following review helpful



    Muddy sandy cyclocross racing is perfect for Yoeleo 50mm wheelsets...
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  4. 2 people found the following review helpful
    Im loving these wheels!!



    Im loving these wheels!! I've put about 300 miles on them so far and have been enjoying every minute! They feel fast, quiet and smooth! I have the SAT 50/50 PRO w/DT Swiss 350 hubs, no decal for a clean look.
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  5. 2 people found the following review helpful
    Perfect Yoeleo Road Bike



    Purchased the frameset and wheeslet from Yoeleo, and super satisfied with the bike and service. My bike is perfect for me.
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  6. 1 person found the following review helpful
    Very happy with the results!!



    Finally finished and very happy with the results!! Yoeleo disc brake road frame and 50mm Yoeleo SAT wheels. Ultegra Di2!
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Frequently asked questions

Jar*** asked:

Q: Can this be used with Through Axles?
A: Yes, please select the through axles type you prefer from AXLE option .

Boise asked:

Q: Can you see the weave of the carbon fiber with the UD Matte finish? Do any of your wheels come with 3k matte finish?
A: UD refers to Uni-directional woven pattern, so the weave can`t be seen as 3K weave does, but we can accept customizing the weave to 3K. Please send email to for more info.

Rick asked:

Q: Do these wheels come with tubeless valve stems?
A: Hi Rick, Our 25mm/27mm width wheels are tubeless compatible. We don't offer tubeless valve stems. Regards. YOELEO

Rick asked:

Q: Is it possible to order these wheels with ceramic bearings in the 240 hubs?
A: Hi Rick, Sorry DT 240 hubs do not come with ceramic bearings. Regards. YOELEO

Boise asked:

Q: Are both widths tubeless compatible (25 & 27mm)?
A: Yes, both of the 25mm wide clincher rims and 27mm wide clincher 50mm deep rims are compatible with tubeless tyres.

Aaron asked:

Q: Will 30mm tires fit on the plus? Will Aero be affected dramatically?
A: For 27mm wide 50mm deep clincher/tubeless wheels, we recommend the tire width be 700x25c or 700x28c. However,these wheels can also fit 30mm tires. Aerodymanic will be slightly influenced. If just for flat road riding,700x28C is quite good enough.For cyclocross bike, then wider tires are better.

Nic*** asked:

Q: Will this come with a rotor?
A: No, the rotor is not included.

Ch** asked:

Q: Is your carbon disc brake wheelset 'tubeless compatible' for tubeless (running sealant) tires if sealed with correct Stans rim tape & sealing valve stem ?
A: Yes, they are tubeless compatible, and you just need a sealing valve stem to fit our SAT wheels. (No need the sealing rim tapes)

Mar*** asked:

Q: Will 28 mm tires fit on these wheel
A: Yes, the wheels fit the 700x28c tire.

Bo*** asked:

Q: Can the rim be used with normal tube/tire combo, or is it exclusively tubeless?
A: Both are ok to fit our wheels.

Cha*** asked:

Q: I just want to confirm these are not tubular wheels. They need an inner tube and tire,correct?
A: Yes, they are NOT tubular wheels, they are clincher wheels. They can fit both normal inner tube & tires or tubeless tires.

From*** asked:

Q: Does the rear wheel take a Shimano 10-speed cassette?
A: Yes. You will need a spacer to fit 10 speed. Please contact us for spacer after your order placed.

R. ma*** asked:

Q: do the hubs have thru axle support?
A: Yes, please select the through axles type you prefer from AXLE option.

bo*** asked:

Q: Are they Centerlock compatible?
A: Yes.

You're asking about:SAT C50|50 DB PRO Clincher/Tubeless
SAT Technology

YOELEO SAT (Special Assembly Technology)
1.What is YOELEO SAT technology?
YOELEO SAT technology means to build wheels using rims without spoke holes on tire bed, thus, wheels are built without damaging original carbon weave.

2.What are the advantages of SAT technology wheels?
a. Increase 30% strength to wheels;
b. SAT wheels perform better on bumps and pot holes;
c. Inflation capacity increases 10%;
d. Saving wheels weight due to no rim tapes required.

No Brake Track

No Brake Track

Yoeleo disc brake carbon wheelset are without braking surface.More aerodynamic.

Tubeless Ready

Tubeless Technology (25mm wide)
Compatible with Both Clincher and Tubeless Tires
No Rim Sealing Tapes Needed for Tubeless Tires

Yoeleo tubeless rims have further advantages over conventional rims. The design of their cross section allows for the tire to easily pop in place when inflated, and more often than not a standard floor pump is all that’s needed. Also the elaborate profile of Yoeleo rims ensures a precise and safe fit of the tire even when ridden hard.

Straight Pull Technology

Straight Pull Technology

We using the DT Swiss 350 or 240s straingt pull hubs.The term Straightpull refers to spokes with no bend at the head. This design allows for an ideal strength to weight ratio when compared to conventional spokes. Due to their more precise alignment and direct trajectory, straight-pull spoke technology creates a stiffer, more responsive wheel.

Ratchet System Technology

Ratchet System Technology

The DT Swiss 350 or 240s hubs with ratchet system technology.The patented freewheel system, which features high-precision star ratchets, guarantees top performance and reliability. The no-tool concept allows extremely simple and quick maintenance.

Secure Lock Nipples

Secure Lock Nipples

The newly patented Secure Lock nipple of Sapim is a locking mechanism that prevents nipples from untightening. The advantages of this easy locking system are:

Can be used on truing machine
No loose function while truing the wheel
Highly precise and accurate machines have specifically been developed to produce this type of locking system. They ensure stable and well defined deformation on the thread.

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