A Game-Changer in the Market: Yoeleo G21

Riding into the future of gravel biking, Yoeleo unveils its newest masterpiece; the new and powerful G21. Packed with unique features and optimized for an unmatched riding experience, the G21 stands tall as a testament to Yoeleo's commitment to innovation, performance, and rider-centric design.

Optimized Geometry for Unmatched Stability

Yoeleo G21's geometry is optimized for gravel and filled with features that will ensure stability on the road; a longer wheelbase, slack headtube angle, and shorter stem promises exceptional stability and comfort on even the most coarse roads. G21 allows you to be in full control of the roads you're traversing no matter the conditions.

One Answer to All Questions: Yoeleo ProRoute System

G21 features the Yoeleo ProRoute System, a dual solution for internal cable routing that caters to both complete (Y-ICR) and semi-internal (S-YICR) configurations. This system ensures hassle-free installation while protecting the cables from external elements, reducing wear and tear. The special design of compression rings further prevents cable hosing from rubbing against components during the steerer's rotation. Your gear shifting and braking will remain smooth and reliable thanks to ProRoute System.

The Best Gravel Bike Companion: H21

Equipped with the H21 gravel handlebar, made using the same ProMoldCore technology, the G21 ensures incredible strength and durability, keeping you in control of those challenging gravel paths.

D-Shaped Seatpost: Extra Comfort on Rough Terrains

Long rides on rough terrains become noticeably more comfortable with the G21's D-shaped seatpost, which provides additional compliance, reducing fatigue and keeping you going for longer.

T47 Threaded Bottom Bracket: Stiff But Easy

The G21's T47 threaded bottom bracket is an upgrade that brings not just a wider structure, but a wide range of advantages as well, such as better handling, maximum power transfer, and many more. It enhances bike stiffness, simplifies maintenance, and reduces creaking noises often associated with press-fit bottom brackets.

All-Terrain Capability

Any frame can take on any terrain, but G21 doesn't take on various terrain – it conquers all of them. Its robust construction and wide tire clearance allow it to run on anything, from smoothest roads to the toughest trails. Any frame can take on any terrain, but nothing like G21 does.

Quality You Can Trust

With a 6-year quality warranty on the frameset and handlebars, and an optional lifetime warranty, Yoeleo stands firmly behind the G21's quality and longevity.

We've Got You Covered

In the unfortunate event of a mishap, such as crashes and something of the same nature, Yoeleo has got you covered with a 30% crash replacement discount on all wheels and framesets, ensuring you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

A commitment to quality, performance, and rider satisfaction, that is what G21 is all about. When passion meet innovation, no road is too tough or too steep. Whether you're a veteran gravel rider or a novice starting your journey, G21 is the one thing you can trust to be by your side; every mile, every time. Get ready to redefine your limits with the Yoeleo G21.