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As the demand for wider, stronger and stiffer road bike and gravel bike wheels increases every day, Yoeleo continues to introduce innovation in our wheel-manufacturing process and offer new products that meet the demands of our customers. In this blogpost we will introduce you to our new type of Yoeleo wheels – offset wheels with asymmetric, wide rims (30mm rim width), perfect for comfortable road cycling and gravel adventure riding.

To give you a better idea of what these wheels are all about, we’ll answer the following questions:

  1. What are offset wheels?
  2. What are the benefits of offset wheels?
  3. The specs of Yoeleo offset wheels.
What are offset wheels (asymmetric wheels)?
Offset wheels are asymmetrically profiled wheels which are different from regular bicycle wheels due to their spoke holes drilled offset from the center of the rim.
Originally, offset wheels were first used in mountain bikes, and now they are becoming more and more commonly used in both road bikes and gravel bikes.
What are the benefits of offset wheels?
Asymmetrical rim profile allows to improve bracing angles of a dished wheel and better balance the spoke tensions between a drive and a non-drive side of the wheel. That gives an offset wheel a number of benefits:
  1. Offset wheels are more durable
The spokes in an offset wheel will be at a higher tension compared to a regular symmetric wheel, so an offset wheel will need less re-truing. When the spoke tension is even, the spokes on the drive side are not so prone to loosening over time.
  1. Increased lateral stiffness & vertical compliance
Reducing the severity of the spoke angle on the drive side boosts lateral wheel stiffness while also improving vertical compliance for increased control.
  1. Wider rims

New Yoeleo offset wheels also have wider rim width: 30mm. Quite a few words can be said about the benefits of wider rims.
Firstly, with a wider rim or a wider tire or both, you don’t need to pressure your tires as high as in a narrower one to support your weight. Lower pressure makes the ride more comfortable, as the tires deflect more at lower pressures to absorb bumps and uneven road surfaces. And secondly, the wider tire provides a wider “contact patch” area than a narrower tire. That results in a significantly improved handling.

  1. Lighter T800 carbon
New Yoeleo carbon offset wheels are made of lighter T800 carbon fiber (with 1K braking surface in rim brake wheels). Thanks to that, offset wheels can provide substantial riding comfort, while still being lightweight and fast, so that comfort doesn’t come at the cost of weight.

What are the specs of new Yoeleo offset wheels?
Firstly, in terms of rim width and recommended tire width:
1) The external rim width is 30 mm;
2) The internal rim width is 22 mm;
3) The recommended tire width for road bike offset wheels is 700Cx28. On a gravel bike, these wheels allow tire width from 28mm to 47mm.
Secondly, there are 3 options of depth in offset wheels: 35mm/45mm/50mm.
Thirdly, as Yoeleo offset wheels are made of lighter T800, the weight of an offset wheelset is different from a regular symmetric wheelset weight. The C35 Offset Clincher/Tubeless Rim weighs 425+/-15g for rim brake, 415+/-15g for disc brake.
In a nutshell, Yoeleo offset wheels are stronger, stiffer wheels that give you a more comfortable ride while still staying lightweight. Their asymmetric profile allows for a more even spoke tension that not only increases strength and stiffness, but also makes the wheels more durable.
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