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PRO Team Cykeln Hits Fastest Record with YOELEO Wheels

PRO Team Cykeln Hits Fastest Record with YOELEO Wheels

Cycling is a healthy, environmentally friendly, and highly individualized activity, and its popularity has been gradually increasing in recent years.
As an environmentally and health-conscious company, we naturally chose to sponsor the CYKELN Cycling Team to promote the development
of cycling culture.

The CYKELN Cycling Team is a professional and friendly fixed-gear racing team from Italy that is popular among cycling enthusiasts.
We share common values with the CYKELN team and hope to contribute to the development of the cycling movement through our sponsorship.
We are proud to announce that we have sponsored the CYKELN Cycling Team for two consecutive years (2016 and 2017), providing the team
with professional riding equipment such as carbon fiber fixed gear bicycle wheels. We hope that the CYKELN team can become more professional
and outstanding, as they have achieved outstanding results in the 2016 Red Hook Crit. The team member Martino Poccianti set the fastest lap in Red Hook Crit Milano history.
His time of 1:29.576 was 2 seconds faster than the previous track record. The average speed for this lap was a blistering 52kph. 


Below are some other photos and videos of the CYKELN Cycling Team, showing their style in competitions:



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