YOELEO Factory Racing Team

It all started with an idea from three cyclists with a common concern about mental health. With the intention of making a difference from Montreal to Paris, they launched THE 4MIND PROJECT. The aim of this initiative was/is to promote mental health through group bike rides at companies and inspire their community by contributing to world-class cycling races. As our project grows and new partnerships are formed, we will always keep the same mission; however, we have/are developed/ing a multi-faceted platform that will not only take athletes to the next level in their cycling journey but also engage the broader community – all while bringing awareness to mental health.

WHBH Racing Team

Espite freedom and progress being our most highlighted core value, we also believe in camaraderie amongst rider. We strive to make the cycling community a better place by providing high quality cycling equipments with friendly prices so that everyone can embark on their cycling journet through humble steps, showing that cycling is accessible and is open for everyone, no matter where you're from. Aside from products, the people that we support are no less important, as we want to bring more people that share these values together and use the influence to bring a greater change..

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Mentorise Cycling Team is a professional cycling team that offers riders the opportunity to be part of something bigger than themselves, with exceptional coaching and support to help them sharpen their skills and become better cyclists. The team's motto is "Men To Rise," which represents the battle cry for any cyclist who wants to work hard, persevere, and fight to make their highest dreams come true.

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About Cycling Team: As one of the leading cycling teams in Canada, we attribute the reputation to the lasting customer relationships we’ve developed throughout the years. We believe that all of our partner foundations deserve the highest level of visibility, and we are committed to providing just that.
Team members come from 4 main countries: Canada, France, Germany and USA.


Levante Fuji Shizuoka is a community-based professional cycling team based in Shizuoka Prefecture. The team name is derived from the Italian word "Levante" meaning "east wind" and Mt. Fuji, a sacred mountain representing Japan. The team will compete in the Japan Cycle League (JCL) road race series in Japan, aiming to become one of the top professional teams in Japan.

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We have been sponsoring the Italian Cykeln team since 2016. All team members are using Yoeleo SAT T60|88 carbon wheels. In 2016, the team member Martino Poccianti set the fastest lap in Red Hook Crit Milano history. His time of 1:29.576 was 2 seconds faster than the previous track record. The average speed for this lap was a blistering 52kph.