Yoeleo Factory Racing Team

The story behind Yoeleo Factory Team

It all started with an idea from three cyclists with a common concern about mental health. With the intention of making a difference from Montreal to Paris, they launched THE 4MIND PROJECT. The aim of this initiative was/is to promote mental health through group bike rides at companies and inspire their community by contributing to world-class cycling races. As our project grows and new partnerships are formed, we will always keep the same mission; however, we have/are developed/ing a multi-faceted platform that will not only take athletes to the next level in their cycling journey but also engage the broader community – all while bringing awareness to mental health.

Since 2022, our goal is quite simple - provide a platform (international UCI race calendar & easily accessible resources) for aspiring world tour level cyclists and bring awareness to mental health. Although this may appear simple at face value, we have strategically built both a foundation that is conducive to optimising athletic potential and developing community relations. At Yoeleo Test Team 4MindProject, we emphasise a series of core values that stretch all the way from our riders to the broader community. We categorise these values into our two main movements - #togetheringlory and #mindstrong.

The Yoeleo Factory Team is a Canadian cycling team that epitomizes the intersection of science, technology, and athleticism. Since its establishment in 2019, the Yoeleo Factory Team has distinguished itself as a paragon of excellence in the cycling world. The team's philosophy is rooted in an unyielding commitment to pushing the limits of performance and a steadfast dedication to the pursuit of greatness. Powered by Yoeleo's frameset and wheelset, the Yoeleo Test Team represents the pinnacle of cycling innovation and performance.[Image]