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The Right BB for Your Yoeleo R12

The Right BB for Your Yoeleo R12

Yoeleo R12: Guide to Picking the Right Bottom Bracket Model
When you own or are planning to purchase the Yoeleo R12, it's paramount to ensure you have the right bottom bracket model in line with the groupset model of your bike. Here's a simplified guide for you.

Step 1: Frame BB Shell

Your starting point is the Frame BB Shell. The Yoeleo R12 is designed to support BB386.

Step 2: Determine Your Groupset Model

The kind of groupset model you have largely influences the bottom bracket model. The groupset models to consider are:
  • SRAM
  • Shimano
  • Campagnolo

Step 3: Match with the Crank Spindle Model

Every groupset model aligns with a specific crank spindle model. Here they are:
  • SRAM: GXP and DUB
  • Shimano: 24mm
  • Campagnolo: Ultra-Torque

Step 4: Choose the Bottom Bracket Model

After identifying your groupset and corresponding crank spindle model, it becomes easier to select the bottom bracket model. Here's your guide:
  • SRAM GXP: Go for BB386 for sram GXP (The drive-side spindle measures 24mm in diameter, while the non-drive side measures 22mm).
  • SRAM DUB: BB386 for sram DUB is your pick
  • Shimano 24mm: Opt for BB386 for 24mm spindle
  • Campagnolo Ultra-Torque: The BB386 bottom bracket bearing cups are suitable

Step 5: Recommendations

Given the flow, these are the recommended bottom bracket models:
  • SRAM GXP: BB386 is recommended
  • SRAM DUB: Opt for BB386
  • Shimano 24mm: BB386 is a perfect match
  • Campagnolo Ultra-Torque: BB386 for ultra torque crank is advisable


Ensuring that you have the correct bottom bracket for the Yoeleo R12 is essential for the optimal performance and longevity of your bike. Follow this structured guideline for a seamless choice, and enjoy a superior cycling experience. Safe rides!

R12 Bottom Bracket (BB) Recommendation:

Frame Model Groupset Model Crank Spindle Model Bottom Bracket Model Recommended BB Model
Shimano 24mm BB386 for Shimano 24mm
Campagnolo Ultra-Torque BB386 bottom bracket bearing cups for ultra torque crank
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