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SAT T30|30 DB STD Tubular

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Yoeleo Sponsored Team - Cykeln

Since 2016 we started to sponsor the team Cykeln from Italy,
They used Yoeleo SAT T60|88 carbon wheels,
In 2016 The team member Martino Poccianti set the fastest lap in Red Hook Crit Milano history.
His time of 1:29.576 was 2 seconds faster than the previous track record.
The average speed for this lap was a blistering 52kph. 

Strict Quality Control

We have strict quality control progresses to make sure we delivery excellent quality wheels to customers.
1. Vertical stiffness test: 300kgf
2. Torsion test: 50kgf
3. Spoke tesion test: 300kgf
4. Braking Test: High temperature resistance
5: Road condition simulation test:  Distance: 1000km ,Avg.: 45km/h
6. Stress relief process: twice (Make sure the wheels roundness and trueness in perfect condition, dont have to true the wheels in long term)
7. UCI impact test: 40J (UCI standard) / 80J (Yoeleo standard)

UCI Approved Wheels

Yoeleo carbon wheels are UCI approved
Also we have SGS certification

Yoeleo SAT Technology

1. What is YOELEO SAT technology?
YOELEO SAT technology means to build wheels using rims without spoke holes on tire bed, thus, wheels are built without damaging original carbon weave.
2. What are the advantages of SAT technology?
a. Increase 30% strength to wheels;
b. SAT wheels perform better on bumps and pot holes;
c. Inflation capacity increases 10%;

Disc Brake Rim Design

Super Light T800 Carbon Fiber
Nicer Looking without Brake Track
Better Aerodynamic

U-Shaped Rim Design

Started developing carbon bicycle wheels in early 2007, Yoeleo keep optimizing wheels design upon research data and customers' feedback. Finally, we developed U shaped carbon wheels to maximize riders benefits.
Benifits of YOELEO U shaped wheels are :
Better stability in crosswinds, and Less wind resistance

The Fastest Carbon Wheels

Yoeleo carbon wheels are the fastest, best aerodynamic design compare with other brand
Data from test in wind tunnel (tested at 30KM/H)

The Fastest Carbon Wheels

Data from test in wind tunnel (tested at 50KM/H)


ABG stands for Anti Bite Guard and in fact it is a piece of steel spline fitted on the cassette body, being strong enough to significantly reduce or completely remove the problem with bitten/damaged freehubs by cassette. 


New and improved design. Four pawls alternate to allow constant engagement of the ratchet teeth to increase efficiency and resilience when pedaling

SAT T30|30 DB STD Tubular

SAT T30|30 DB STD Tubular - YOELEO
SAT T30|30 DB STD Tubular - YOELEO
SAT T30|30 DB STD Tubular - YOELEO
Load image into Gallery viewer, SAT T30|30 DB STD Tubular - YOELEO
Load image into Gallery viewer, SAT T30|30 DB STD Tubular - YOELEO
Load image into Gallery viewer, SAT T30|30 DB STD Tubular - YOELEO

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Freehub Body

Wheels For: 700C Road Bikes

Decal Color:Black Glossy

Weave Finish: UD Matt

Rims Material:Carbon Fiber T700 WITHOUT Brake Track

Rims Type: Tubular

Rims Depth: 30mm

Rims Width:25mm

Rim Shape: U Shaped

Rim Weight: 310g+/-15g

Hubs:Novatec Hubs D791SB / D792SB 6-Bolt Disc Brake

Hubs Weight:Front: 155g, Rear: 274g


Front QR*100mm, 12*100mm Thru Axle or 15*100mm Thru Axle,

Rear QR*135mm, 12*135mm Thru Axle or 12*142mm Thru Axle

Cassette Body:For Shimano / Sram 10.11 speed or Campagnolo 10,11 speed. (Contact us if you need spacers to run 9/10 speed)

Spokes:Black Pillar 1432 Spokes

Spoke Count:Front 24H, Rear 24H

Nipples:Black Sapim Secure Lock Nipples

Wheelset Weight: 1364g+/-15g

Including Accessories:

Extra Spokes(2pcs)

Recommended Tire Width:700Cx25(28)

Tube Compatibility:Presta

Rider Weight Limit: 231lbs /105kg

Max Tire Pressure Limit: 180PSI/12.4bar

Warranty:3 Years

Certification: UCI Approved

2019 Ironman 70.3 World Championship

Farai Dalu from South Afica and Troy Harrison from Australia both qualified for 2019 Ironman 70.3 World Championship

Farai Dalu using Yoeleo SAT C60|88 Clincher/Tubeless
Troy Harrison using Yoeleo SAT C60+D3 Clincher/Tubeless

Ironman Kona

Massimo Ciocia from Italy qualified for Ironman World Championship Kona twice

Using Yoeleo SAT C50|88 Pro Clincher/Tubeless

Worldwide Happy Customers

Yoeleo customers are over 100 countries and aera,they are happy with Yoeleo wheels

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