ProMoldCore Technology: The Future of Carbon Frame Manufacturing

Carbon fiber frames have become the standard for high-performance bikes due to their excellent stiffness-to-weight ratio and overall durability. However, not all carbon frames are created equal, and the manufacturing process used can have a significant impact on the final product's quality.

Enter ProMoldCore manufacturing technology, a cutting-edge method that has quickly become the go-to for producing frames of the highest quality. In this article, we will take a closer look at the ProMoldCore manufacturing process, its benefits, and the YOELEO products that use this technology.

What is ProMoldCore Manufacturing Technology?

ProMoldCore manufacturing technology is a revolutionary method for molding carbon frames. Unlike traditional methods such as nylon bladders, ProMoldCore technology allows for a more stable molding of the inside of the frame because LATEX is extremely flexible and stretchable.

The use of LATEX increases the pressure of the molded latex bag, smoothing the internal finish, improving the compressibility of the compound, reducing resin waste, and allowing for more complex shapes to be made. This results in a stronger frame with a very smooth interior, eliminating fold lines and creases, and a more uniform smoothness of the interior walls.

Benefits of Frames Made with ProMoldCore Manufacturing Technology

1. High Rigidity/Stiffness

The use of ProMoldCore technology can increase the stability of the overall quality of the frame, preventing internal wrinkling and increasing rigidity. It results in a stronger frame (with better strength) with a very smooth interior, eliminating fold lines and creases, and a more uniform smoothness of the interior walls. In fact, the use of this technology can increase carbon strength by 5-10%.

2. Lighter

Carbon is molded using the EPS latex process, which eliminates excess resin, resulting in a lightweight and highly rigid frame. Carbon fibers are evenly distributed, enabling a compact and lightweight frame.

3. Better Riding Comfort

Unlike numerous other frame manufacturers (EPS manufacturing technology), our ProMoldCore manufacturing technology eliminates molding wrinkles on the inside of the frame that are invisible to the consumer, making the product lighter and stiffer at the same time. This results in the force emitted from the body being transmitted evenly, without leakage and without waste. A higher quality ride can be achieved.

4. Significantly Extends Frame Life

In a market where lightweight and rigid frames are sought after, ProMoldCore technology can significantly extend frame life and improve safety.

5. Easier Cable Routing

Cable routing becomes easier and smoother with ProMoldCore technology.

YOELEO Products that Use ProMoldCore Manufacturing Technology

YOELEO is committed to using only the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes for their products. Here are the YOELEO products that use ProMoldCore manufacturing technology:

ProMoldCore manufacturing technology is the future of carbon frame manufacturing. Its many benefits make it the preferred method for producing high-quality frames that are lightweight, durable, and offer excellent riding comfort. YOELEO is proud to use this technology in their products, providing customers with the best possible riding experience.