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Title: H21 Integrated

Standard Coverage: 3-year warranty

Extended Option: Additional 2-year extension available for US$200

Crash Replacement Policy


While we sincerely hope you won't require it, we provide a 30% crash replacement discount on all handlebars and spares in the unfortunate event of a crash. Reach out to us, and we'll strive to assist you promptly, ensuring you can get back on the road and ride again as soon as possible.

Title: H21 Integrated

Adapted in 2024

Filament Winding Technology

This technology offers a high strength-to-weight ratio for lightweight yet strong components, precise material usage for efficiency and reduced waste, and consistent quality and performance through automated fiber placement.

Conventional Method

NEXT-Generation Wheels

Designed for cyclists who want to dominate road and gravel disciplines, the NEXT-Generation Wheels are the only right wing you can trust. Made using filament winding technology, this lineup offers high reliability, producing consistent end-products with lightweight performance without compromising strength.

Why Next-Gen PRO Series?

Ideal for cyclists seeking high-durability wheels with the added benefits of stiffness, lightweight design, and improved performance

Perfect Amount of Stiffness

At the heart of our filament winding technology lies the promise of stiff and rigid wheels, achieved through the precise manufacturing of carbon fiber components. This high strength-to-weight ratio is the foundation upon which we build the wheels' capability to handle the road. It empowers our cyclists to push harder, go faster, and break through their limits for victory on every terrain.

Efficiently Made for Delivering High Speed

Featuring the Japanese Carbon T1000, the filament winding technology also maximized the whole build of this lineup. Enjoy up to 250 grams (0.55 lbs) in weight savings and feel an effortless 'riding in the air' experience.

Built to Last. With 3-Year Extended Warranty.

The NEXT-Generation lineup bridges both quality and performance, resulting from the consistency of wheel production with less human error, more uniformity, and reproducibility. All components and parts, including the 230 PRO Hubs, are also covered by a 3-year extended warranty, keeping your peace of mind on every road you take.

Ultra Light, Feels Like a Pro

The PRO lineup achieves ultra-lightness, tipping the scales at a remarkable 1290g. A competitive value proposition based on weight, reflecting the needs of the cyclists who use them.

Wider Rims. Perfect for 28c Tires.

NEXT Level Aero

The NEXT GEN 30mm rims redefine speed and efficiency for racing enthusiasts. Made for next-level aerodynamics alongside 28c tires, these rims minimize turbulence and drag to optimize forward momentum with every pedal stroke. Count on them as your trusted right wing in the pursuit of speed.

YOELEO 230 DB CL Hubs with Ratchet System

Instant Power Transfer

Engineered with a highly precise ratchet system housed within the hub shell, a spiral spring, and a default 36-tooth ratchet, this hub enables swift engagement for instant power transfer and acceleration.

Our Core Values

At the core of our company lie the values of self-discipline and freedom, driving us forward and fueling our passion for cycling. We believe that cycling is more than just a sport; it's a way to push beyond our limits, discover our inner strength, and achieve greatness. Since the beginning, we've been committed to these values, delighting our customers with a variety of cycling disciplines designed with a fun and progressive lifestyle in mind.

Sponsored Teams

Meet our competitive athletes, backed with Yoeleo spirit

UCI Continental team

A professional cycling team that offers riders the opportunity to be part of something bigger than themselves, with their motto 'Men To Rise' representing the battle cry for any cyclist who wants to work hard, persevere, and fight to make their highest dreams come true.

A community-based professional cycling team based in Shizuoka Prefecture. The team name is derived from the Italian word "Levante" meaning "east wind" and Mt. Fuji, a sacred mountain representing Japan. The team will compete in the Japan Cycle League (JCL) road race series in Japan, aiming to become one of the top professional teams in Japan.

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Pro amateur Cyclocross and gravel racer from Japan


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