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YOELEO carbon wheels for superior grip and strength
YOELEO is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality carbon fiber bicycle components headquartered in Xiamen Fujian, China. We design premium and professional carbon wheels that are fast, comfortable, and go the distance. With the vision to promote a healthy lifestyle for all, YOELEO aims to cater to the demands of the cyclists around the world.

The product line of YOELEO bikes
Yoeleo carbon wheels are UCI approved and are SGS certified. All the products are quality checked for vertical stiffness test, torsion test, spoke tension test, braking test, road simulation test, UCI impact test, and stress test to ensure superior quality and high durability. Since 2016, Yoeleo is also proudly associated with the Italian team Cykeln.
YOELEO SAT product line is innovative and technology-driven. YOELEO SAT carbon wheels are 30% stronger than other wheels and are designed to perform better on bumps and potholes. Yoeleo carbon wheels are the fastest with the best aerodynamic design. These wheels are designed to give you the performance advantage over others by giving better stability in crosswinds, and less wind resistance.

The product line of YOELEO includes clincher tires, tubeless tires, clincher/tubeless tires, tubular with a size range from 30 mm to 50/60 mm. We also engage in the design of custom cyclist gears, brake pads, carbon wheels etc. Rather than engaging in fancy design, we emphasize innovation and continuous engineering in our product design. Care is taken at every step so that you get a superior cycling experience as you roll down the road or on the track.

 YOELEO manufactures carbon wheels for road, triathlon track wheels, MTB wheels, cyclocross wheels and track wheels. All Yoeleo designed carbon wheels are strictly checked for quality. If you are not satisfied with our products, you can return them to claim a replacement or refund. For details visit our return and warranty section.

YOELEO engineers design wheels that are designed to give you the performance advantage over others.

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Discover the exceptional quality of Yoeleo, one of China's top cycling brands, offering a range of carbon fiber bikes that blend speed, comfort, and durability. Whether you're in it for the thrill of the race or the joy of a casual ride, Yoeleo's commitment to excellence is evident in every pedal stroke. Gear up with confidence and join the community of riders who trust Yoeleo for their cycling adventures. Explore our collection and elevate your cycling experience today!