SAT C35|35 DB PRO Offset CX/Gravel Laufradsatz

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Laufräder für: 700C CX/Gravel Bikes

Farbe des Aufklebers: Schwarz glänzend

Gewebe-Finish: Marmor Matt

Material der Felgen: Carbon Fiber T800 OHNE Bremsspur

Felgentyp: Drahtreifen/Schlauchlos

Felgen-Tiefe: 35mm

Felgenbreite: 30mm Innere Breite: 22mm

Felgenform: U-förmig

Felgengewicht: 415g+/-15g

Naben: YOELEO 230 SP CL-DB Ratchet System Nabe 52T

oder DT Swiss 240 EXP Straight Pull Scheibenbremse Center Lock

Naben Gewicht:

YOELEO 230 SP CL-DB Ratchet System Nabe 52T: 115g+200g
DT Swiss 240 EXP Gerader Zug: 118g+220g


Vorne QR*100mm, 12*100mm Thru Axle oder 15*100mm Thru Axle,

Hinten QR*135mm, 12*135mm Steckachse oder 12*142mm Steckachse

Kassettenkörper: Für Shimano 10.11 Gang (Kontaktieren Sie uns, wenn Sie Spacer für 9/10 Gang benötigen) / Sram XDR

Speichen: Schwarze Pillar WING 20 Aero Speichen

Speichenanzahl: Vorne 24H, Hinten 24H

Nippel: Schwarze Sapim Secure Lock Nippel

Gewicht des Laufradsatzes:

mit YOELEO 230 SP CL-DB Rachet System Nabe 52T: 1480g+/-15g

mit DT Swiss 240 EXP Straight Pull: 1480g+/-15g

Inklusive Zubehör:

Extra Speichen (2 Stück)

Empfohlene Reifenbreite: 28mm bis 50mm

Schlauch-Kompatibilität: Presta

Fahrergewichtsgrenze: 231lbs /105kg

Maximaler Reifendruck: 90PSI

Garantie: 3 Jahre

Zertifizierung: UCI-geprüft

Standard Coverage: 3-year warranty

Extended Option: Additional 2-year extension available for US$200

Crash Replacement Policy


While we sincerely hope you won't require it, we provide a 30% crash replacement discount on all handlebars and spares in the unfortunate event of a crash. Reach out to us, and we'll strive to assist you promptly, ensuring you can get back on the road and ride again as soon as possible.

The YOELEO Pro Wheel series represent the pinnacle of cycling performance, offering a range of high-end, carbon fiber wheels designed for professional and enthusiast cyclists alike. Engineered with precision, these wheels feature advanced aerodynamic profiles, lightweight construction, and exceptional stiffness to provide unmatched speed and handling.

13 Years of Excellence: The PRO Series Wheels Legacy

The PRO series wheels stand as a testament to enduring excellence and innovation, with a legacy spanning over 13 years. This time-tested lineup has been the cornerstone of performance for cyclists around the globe, showcasing unparalleled reliability, durability, and cutting-edge design. With each year, the PRO series has evolved, adapting to the rigorous demands of professional and amateur riders alike, proving itself on the toughest terrains and in the most competitive environments.


Over the past decade, Yoeleo has been committed to relentless improvement. Our efforts have resulted in notable upgrades such as wider rims for road and gravel, a simple sealed tubeless design compatible with both clincher and tubeless setups, and a switch from V to U-shaped profile rims. These enhancements culminate in superior aerodynamics, speed, and stiffness, all achieved through rigorous testing with our team of racers and customers.

D5 Track Disc Wheel Clincher/Tubeless - YOELEO

Experience The SAT Technology

SAT technology is the process where we build the wheels using rims with no spoke holes on the tire bed, so it will not damage the original carbon weave.
SAT provides wheels with 30% stronger, effortlessly absorbing impact, 10% more inflation capacity, and better performance on bumps and potholes.


Yoeleo has been developing and continually improving on its wheelset design since 2007. Through relentless design optimization, customer feedback, and research, Yoeleo has developed a highly advanced U-shaped profile that offers numerous advantages. Yoeleo designed rim profiles provide excellent stability in crosswinds while offering industry-leading performance and speed.