R12 DB STD Aero Disc Brake Carbon Road Bike

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Frame Size: 43cm

UCI Approved: Yes

Frame Sizes: 43cm,47cm,50cm,52cm,54cm,56cm,59cm
Color: Hemidium / Emerald Green / Custom Painting

YOELEO R12 Aero Frame
Material: Carbon Fiber T800
Axle Dimension: 12 x 142 mm
Brake Mount: Flat Mount
Weight:  950g(50cm)

Material: Carbon
Steerer: 1-1/2” Straight
Axle Dimension: 12 x 100 mm
Brake Mount: Flat Mount
Weight: 390g

YOELEO H9 Handlebar 
Handlebar Width: 380mm/400mm/420mm/440mm
Handelbar Stem: 90mm/100mm/110mm/120mm

Shifter Shimano R7020, 11-Speed
Front Derailleur Shimano R7000, braze-on
Rear Derailleur Shimano R7000
Crank Shimano R7000
Cassette Shimano R7000, 11-speed
Chain Shimano HG601, 11-speed
Brake Shimano hydraulic disc, flat mount
Rotor Front 160mm/Rear 140mm 

Thru Axle: 12*100/12*142
Tires Continental GrandSport Race 700*28C


Standard Coverage: 6-year warranty
Extended Option: AdditionalLifetime warrantyavailable for US$300

Crash Replacement Policy


While we sincerely hope you won't require it, we provide a 30% crash replacement discount on all handlebars and spares in the unfortunate event of a crash. Reach out to us, and we'll strive to assist you promptly, ensuring you can get back on the road and ride again as soon as possible.

Frame Size: 43cm

AERODYNAMIC DESIGN FOR UNRIVALED SPEEDS, The Yoeleo R12 2023 boasts a sleek, aerodynamic frame that minimizes drag and maximizes speed. Glide through the air and achieve your personal best on every ride with the R12's streamlined design.

Aerodynamics Meets Comfort

Experience the pinnacle of cycling with the Yoeleo R12, where cutting-edge aerodynamics and unparalleled comfort converge. a sleek carbon fiber frame and optimized carbon layout, the R12 offers a smooth and responsive ride. Whether sprinting or enduring long distances, it delivers an exhilarating yet comfortable journey, redefining your ride every pedal of the way.


The ProRoute Stem System introduces dual mounting solution for internal cable routing, catering to both the complete internal cable routing (Y-ICR) and the semi-internal cable routing (S-YICR) with sleek, removable spacers. This design ensures hassle-free installation.


The Yoeleo R12 boasts a sleek, aerodynamic frame that minimizes drag and maximizes speed. Glide through the air and achieve your personal best on every ride with the R12's streamlined design.


Experience the perfect balance of stiffness and lightweight performance with the R12's enhanced carbon fiber lay-up. This upgraded feature offers increased rigidity without adding extra weight, ensuring a responsive and nimble ride on every terrain.


Want to spice up your workout with those uphill's or go for light gravel? Simply replace the current tire with 32c and chunkier all-terrain tire. Yoeleo R12 now supports wide road tires including 32mm of clearance for increased traction and comfort on the road

Two in One

All-Round Performance

Master Every Mile: Your Ultimate Ride for Speed and Endurance

Aero in Racing
Comfort in Long Ride

Frame technology

ProMoldCore Technology

The conventional manufacturing method that is still common practice with most companies today brings a lot of issues. Conventional methods causes undulations on the internals of the frame and even increases weight, making it difficult to achieve performance according to the specified carbon sheet specifications.Unlike traditional methods such as nylon bladders, ProMoldCore manufacturing technology allows for a more stable molding of the inside of the frame thanks to latex's flexibility and stretchability.We believe that inside out beauty applies for everything, especially for our framesets. By utilizing ProMoldCore technology, the outside and inside of a carbon road frame are of the same quality, resulting in an inner surface that is as smooth and wrinkle-free as the outer surface.The use of latex increases the pressure of the molded latex bag, smoothing the internal finish, improving the compressibility of the compound, reducing resin waste, and allowing for more complex shapes to be made.

Handlebar Tech

ProMoldCore and ProOne Technology


In the same vein, the implementation of ProMoldCore in fabricating our handlebars has earned them renown for their stiffness. Experience hassle-free cable installation as the latex molds the bar's interior, ensuring a seamless cable routing installation with a sleek, smooth finish inside out.
ProOne Technology:
One-piece, no-bond manufacturing utilizes high-grade carbon fiber and YOELEO precision layup technique to eliminate the added weight and flex found in traditionally bonded bars.

Handlebar Options

Integrated or Stem+Bar

We offer H9 intergrated or
ST1+H11 stem with bar option for R12


Integrated Handlebar





    43 47 50 52 54 56 59
Size Recommendation Rider Height 155cm-163cm 160cm-168cm 165cm-173cm 170cm-178cm 175cm-183cm 180cm-188cm 185cm-193cm
A SEAT TUBE LENGTH(mm) 430 450 470 490 510 530 560
B TOP TUBE LENGTH(mm) 505 516 528 540 552 567 582
C REACH(mm) 370.6 375.9 378.6 381 386 388.2 393
D STACK(mm) 501.6 505 520.9 536.9 550 567.2 581.6
E HEAD TUBE LENGTH(mm) 100 100 115 130 145.7 160 175
F SEAT TUBE ANGLE 75° 74.5° 74.0° 73.5° 73° 72.5° 72.0°
G HEAD TUBE ANGLE 70.5° 71.5° 72° 72.5° 73° 73° 73°
H BOTTOM BRACKET DROP(mm) 72 72 72 72 72 72 72
I CHAIN STAY LENGTH(mm) 415 415 415 415 415 415 415
J FRONT CENTER(mm) 572.9 570.7 574.2 577.1 583.5 588.9 598.1
K WHEELBASE(mm) 977 974.8 978.3 981.3 987.6 993.2 1002.4
L FORK RAKE(mm) 43 43 43 43 43 43 43
M FORK LENGTH(mm) 371 371 371 371 371 371 371

Be Yourself Project

Build your dream bike

Explore the magic of our gradation option that smoothly transitions between two color choices, creating a beautiful, gradual color fade on your frame.

Decals color options : Silver, White, Black.

It is for those who appreciate the dynamics of color interplay and aren't afraid to break the norms in pursuit of their individual style.

Decal color options: Silver, White, Black

Embrace simplicity with our single-color paint option. Make a statement with just one bold, vibrant color.

Decal color options : Silver, White, Black

Ask our designer to collaborate for fully customized design. Turning your artistic vision into a riding masterpiece

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At the core of our company lie the values of self-discipline and freedom, driving us forward and fueling our passion for cycling. We believe that cycling is more than just a sport; it's a way to push beyond our limits, discover our inner strength, and achieve greatness. Since the beginning, we've been committed to these values, delighting our customers with a variety of cycling disciplines designed with a fun and progressive lifestyle in mind.

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