Despite freedom and progress being our most highlighted core value, we also believe in camaraderie amongst rider. We strive to make the cycling community a better place by providing high quality cycling equipments with friendly prices so that everyone can embark on their cycling journet through humble steps, showing that cycling is accessible and is open for everyone, no matter where you're from. Aside from products, the people that we support are no less important, as we want to bring more people that share these values together and use the influence to bring a greater change.

After inviting many teams with the same value to join the fight, we crossed paths with the team that truly embodies these values and showing their marvelous capability while maintaining their humility. Coming from the beautiful and glam land of United States of America, this is WHBH Cycling and we are more than proud to announce them as part of our sponsored team.

WHBH Cycling is an American based team founded by JP Primm in 2022. The team consisted of five; JP Primm, Nigel De Sota, Cesar Marte, Preston Eye, and Elvys Noel Reyes. The team has done many regional level races and currently doingn their first season in 2023. Starting from the founder himself, JP Primm, the champion of 2022 Tennessee State Crit, Nigel who placed 3rd on Manhattan Beach, one of the most acclaimed races in South California, Cesar who placed 1st on Tour de Francis Park, and the team recently once again shook the nation with Cesar Marte winning first place on the second day of Tour of America's Dairyland.

WHBH Cycling will be hitting the roads with none other than Yoeleo's all capable and aerodynamic road bike, Yoeleo R12. With Yoeleo R12 and their talents, no doubt that WHBH Cycling will be humbling their competitors with humbleness and powerfulness.

WHBH Cycling also loves to share their stories and motivating words through their social media such as their Instagram account and we also love to share their stories with you to motivate and show what a combination of a good team and a good bike could do. So, make sure to follow us and WHBH Cycling on their respective social media platforms and do not miss a second of them changing the world!