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The Right BB for Your Yoeleo G21

Choosing the Right Bottom Bracket Model for Your Yoeleo G21 Bike
Selecting the appropriate bottom bracket for your bike is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and compatibility. For Yoeleo G21 bike owners, the process has been made simpler with the given guideline, which allows customers to pick the right bottom bracket model based on the groupset model they own or have purchased.
Understanding the Guideline: The flowchart presents a structured pathway that starts with the bike model, in this case, the Yoeleo G21. The critical components considered in the selection process include the frame's bottom bracket shell, the groupset model, the crank spindle model, and the recommended bottom bracket model.
Step-by-step Process:
1. Frame BB Shell: - Every bike's heart is its frame, and the G21 features a 'T47 Inboard Bearing' as its bottom bracket shell.
2. Groupset Model: - The groupset is a collection of bike components that are designed to function together. For the G21, the options include SRAM, Shimano, and Campagnolo. Depending on which one you own or have purchased, you will proceed to the corresponding crank spindle model.
3. Crank Spindle Model:
- The crank spindle connects the bike's pedals and is a vital component. Based on your groupset:
- SRAM has two spindle models: GXP and DUB/DUB WIDE.
- Shimano utilizes a 24mm spindle.
- Campagnolo comes with a Pro-Tech spindle.
A Gravel specific crankset are recommended for Yoeleo G21 to make sure the clearance between frame and the chainring is sufficient our chainline measurement recommendation are Shimano GRX (about 46.9mm) and SRAM Wide chainlines (47.5mm). These options should give you enough clearance.
4. Bottom Bracket Model:
- The bottom bracket model is the actual component you're selecting. Here's how to choose based on the previous selections:
- For SRAM GXP, go with "BB T47 (Inboard bearing) for SRAM GXP".
- For SRAM DUB/DUB WIDE, choose "BB T47 (Inboard bearing) for SRAM DUB".
- Shimano users should select "BB T47 (Inboard bearing) for Shimano".
- Lastly, Campagnolo users with the Pro-Tech spindle should opt for "Campagnolo Ekar T47 (inboard bearing) bottom bracket bearing cups".
5. Recommended Bottom Bracket Model:
- The final column provides recommendations for each groupset and spindle combination: - SRAM GXP: "T47 Inboard bearing for SRAM GXP Recommended Models". - SRAM T47 Inboard bearing for DUB/DUB WIDE: "T47 for SRAM DUB/DUB WIDE Recommended Models". - Shimano: "T47 Inboard bearing Recommended BB for Shimano Spindle". - Campagnolo: "T47 Inboard bearing for Campagnolo PT (EKAR) Recommended Models". Conclusion: Selecting the right bottom bracket for your Yoeleo G21 bike is now straightforward with this guideline. Ensure you understand your groupset model and proceed systematically through the flowchart to pick the optimal bottom bracket model for your biking needs. With the right selection, you'll enjoy a smoother and more efficient ride!

G21 Bottom Bracket (BB) Recommendation:

Frame Model Groupset Model Crank Spindle Model Bottom Bracket Model Recommended BB Model
DUB T47 for SRAM DUB T47
Shimano 24mm T47 for Shimano 24mm T47
Campagnolo Pro-Tech T47 bottom bracket bearing cups T47 for Pro-Tech crank
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