R11 DB STD Freno de Disco Carbono Bicicleta de Carretera

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Tamaño del marco: 49cm
Homologado por la UCI:

Tamaños de cuadro: 49cm,52cm,54cm,56cm,59cm
Color:  Arctic Ice / Ruby Red / Pintura a medida

YOELEO R11 Marco Super Ligero
Material: Fibra de carbono T1000
Dimensión del eje: 12 x 142 mm
Freno de montaje: Montaje plano
Peso: 890g(49cm)
Peso tija: 204g

Horquilla YOELEO R11 Super Ligera
Material: Carbono
Dirección: 1-1/2" Recta
Dimensión del eje: 12 x 100 mm
Montaje Freno: Montaje plano
Peso: 390g

Manillar YOELEO H9
Ancho del manillar: 380mm/400mm/420mm/440mm
Potencia del manillar: 90mm/100mm/110mm/120mm
Peso: 325+/-15gram

Cambio Shimano R7020, 11-Velocidades
Desviador Shimano R7000, braze-on
Cambio trasero Shimano R7000
Biela Shimano R7000
Casete Shimano R7000, 11 velocidades
Cadena Shimano 105 HG601, 11 velocidades
Freno Shimano 105 disco hidráulico, montaje plano
Rotor Delantero 160mm/Trasero 140mm

Juego de ruedas
Eje pasante: 12*100/12*142
Neumáticos Continental GrandSport Race 700*28C

Standard Coverage: 6-year warranty
Extended Option: Additional Lifetime warranty available for US$300

Crash Replacement Policy


While we sincerely hope you won't require it, we provide a 30% crash replacement discount on all handlebars and spares in the unfortunate event of a crash. Reach out to us, and we'll strive to assist you promptly, ensuring you can get back on the road and ride again as soon as possible.

Tamaño del marco: 49cm
The Overview

Ride like the wind with the Yoeleo R11! This frame is all about turning your hard work into fast rides. It's built to make sure every push on the pedals moves you forward, quickly. The R11 is super stiff, meaning you won't lose any power, and it handles like a dream. Whether you're climbing up a hill or speeding down one, you'll feel as sharp and confident as a pro racer. It's perfect for cyclists who want to get the most out of every ride, making sure you're always ahead of the pack.



Yoeleo R11 DB, where every detail is honed for speed, efficiency, and victory on the road.

With its core made of stiffness, lightness, and aerodynamic prowess, the Yoeleo R11 DB is engineered for peak performance. Every aspect of this frame is crafted for racers who demand nothing less than the best.
Featuring a fully integrated carbon cockpit that marries streamlined aerodynamics with impeccable ergonomics, the R11 DB ensures every ride is both fast and comfortable. Its design enables precise control and effortless handling.
The R11 DB doesn't just perform like a race bike; it looks the part too. Its sleek lines and aggressive geometry scream speed, making it a visual testament to its racing heritage.

The Ultimate Racing Machine

R11 delivers an extraordinary blend of responsiveness, efficiency, and agility. Whether you're attacking steep climbs or navigating technical descents, this frame is your ticket to pushing boundaries and redefining what's possible on two wheels.


The ProRoute Stem System introduces dual mounting solution for internal cable routing, catering to both the complete internal cable routing (Y-ICR) and the semi-internal cable routing (S-YICR) with sleek, removable spacers. This design ensures hassle-free installation.


Want to spice up your workout with those uphills or go for light gravel? Simply replace the current tire with 32c and chunkier all-terrain tire. Yoeleo R11 now supports wide road tires including 32mm of clearance for increased traction and comfort on the road.


Combining the D-shaped seatpost and our new slider saddle-clamp design, it will be much easier for you to adjust your position and be comfortable. This design will also keep you safe on gravel roads as it prevents the saddle from accidentally tilting, while giving you some more extra compliance.


This stiff and responsive frame is an energy carrier, transferring your energy directly onto the ground precisely where you want it every time you stroke the pedal. With fast handling for the descent, it makes the perfect climbing partner.

Frame technology

ProMoldCore Technology

The conventional manufacturing method that is still common practice with most companies today brings a lot of issues. Conventional methods causes undulations on the internals of the frame and even increases weight, making it difficult to achieve performance according to the specified carbon sheet specifications.Unlike traditional methods such as nylon bladders, ProMoldCore manufacturing technology allows for a more stable molding of the inside of the frame thanks to latex's flexibility and stretchability.We believe that inside out beauty applies for everything, especially for our framesets. By utilizing ProMoldCore technology, the outside and inside of a carbon road frame are of the same quality, resulting in an inner surface that is as smooth and wrinkle-free as the outer surface.The use of latex increases the pressure of the molded latex bag, smoothing the internal finish, improving the compressibility of the compound, reducing resin waste, and allowing for more complex shapes to be made.

Handlebar Tech

ProMoldCore and ProOne Technology


In the same vein, the implementation of ProMoldCore in fabricating our handlebars has earned them renown for their stiffness. Experience hassle-free cable installation as the latex molds the bar's interior, ensuring a seamless cable