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Best Carbon Wheels for Road and Gravel in 2022

Best Carbon Wheels for Road and Gravel in 2022

If you are looking for the best value carbon wheels for your road bike or grave bike, YOELEO pro version carbon wheelset are one of your best chooice.

With the PRO line carbon wheelset, YOELEO delivers world-class performance with both road and gravel versions. We have developed these wheels using innovative technology for those who never compromise.

Who Are YOELEO PRO Wheels For?

The YOELEO PRO line wheels are focused on the most demanding riders and are loved by cycling enthusiast in over 100 countries. We achieve this by adopting a robust design hubs and high-end aero spokes. This PRO 2022 wheels equipped by Pillar Wing 20 Aero spokes. Therefore, you get outstanding riding characteristics and longevity from our wheels.

YOELEO PRO 2022 wheels are perfect for high-level riding and racing, thanks to their incredible performance. So, if you are an enthusiastic or competitive cyclist, you will be able to rely on YOELEO PRO wheels.

High-End Carbon Fiber Construction

We use a combination of Toray T800 carbon fiber to construct our wheels. This high-end carbon is strong, stiff, and light, exactly what you need from performance bike carbon wheels.

The unique way of carbon fiber lay-up gives an element of vertical compliance to prevent the wheels from cracking and chipping in a real-world impact like when the rider hit the pothole or road drain cover. At the same time, it also helps to absorb the shock from small bumps on the road or trail. Thus, the rider can have more control and steady on the pedal.

The YOELEO PRO Wheels are a favorite with employees and athletes. We build these fantastic wheels with straight pull and Special Assembling Technology (SAT), creating quality wheels without spoke holes on the tire bead. A SAT wheels allow us to increase the wheel's strength by 30% and have a superior performance on bumpy roads since it allows the tire to have 10% more inflation volume.


All the wheels in the PRO line come with special design wheel hubs. YOELEO PRO hubs design are adopted from a well Proven hub design in the market with some essential upgrades to give more benefit for the rider. Performance, reliability, weight, and serviceability is what our team focused on this hub development, to give our customer hassle-free and smooth riding experience.

We have minimized the number of parts that make up the hub internal. This means PRO wheel is much more lightweight, and there is less to go wrong with it. YOELEO PRO 220 hubs are designed for a rim brake weight only 317 grams with 52 teeth ratchet a remarkable 57 grams lighter compared to DT350 hubs with 18 teeth ratchets. And for the PRO 230 disc brake version it weighs 315 grams much lighter compared to DT350 hub at 397 grams.

Another PRO 220 and PRO 230 hubs advantage is the ratchet which sit in the hub shell, ensure the perfect alignment between 2 ratchets, big reliable spiral spring is used to ensure fast engagement Process. Another point that we must mention here is the number of default ratchet teeth comes with the purchase, it is 52 teeth which means the hub will engage every 6.9 degree, minimizing backlash during pedaling thus rider can accelerate faster to catch the break away or overcoming obstacles on the road.

Hub maintenance in PRO 220 and PRO 230 hub is very simple and worry-less, the internal of the hub except the ratchet sat in the hub shell other component can be disassembled without any tools, and for those who worry to drop some part during maintenance, you don’t have to. When the freehub is released from its place the ratchet on the freehub body will be hold by the internal part thus it will not accidentally drop during maintenance.

Bearing use in PRO 220 hub are 2 sealed bearing 6802 on the hub body and 2 sealed bearing 6802 on the freehub body. While PRO 230 hub adopt 2 sealed bearing 6902 on the hub body and 2 sealed 6802 bearing on the freehub body. Those bearing are weather sealed for better reliability, and even if you need to change the bearing it is easy to find in your local bike shop.

Tubular Or Clincher/Tubeless?

The YOELEO PRO line of wheels comes in tubular wheels or clincher wheels. Our PRO clincher wheels are also tubeless wheels if you want to save yourself some work. This tubeless setup need no rim tape to seal the air thanks to SAT we can eliminate holes on the rim bead.

Disc Or Rim Brakes?

Depending on your bike and your preferences, you can choose between YOELEO PRO wheels for either disc brakes or rim brakes. The rim brake wheels have a 1k carbon fiber brake surface for better heat dissipation and braking quality. We supply rim brake wheels option with our special brake pads, specifically designed for use on carbon braking surfaces. For PRO road disc brake carbon wheels we offer C38,C50,C60,C88.

Road Or Gravel?

We Provide 14 versions of the PRO road wheels, suitable for serious cyclists and triathletes. But we also offer 3 different gravel versions in 700c that are rugged enough for off-road adventures while still being lightweight. Also offer 650b gravel wheels in 35mm depth.



YOELEO SAT C38 PRO Clincher/Tubeless


YOELEO SAT C50 PRO Clincher/Tubeless


YOELEO SAT C60 PRO Clincher/Tubeless


YOELEO SAT C88 PRO Clincher/Tubeless


YOELEO SAT C38 DB PRO Clincher/Tubeless


YOELEO SAT C50 DB PRO Clincher/Tubeless


YOELEO SAT C60 DB PRO Clincher/Tubeless


YOELEO SAT C88 DB PRO Clincher/Tubeless




YOELEO SAT T50 PRO Tubular Wheels


YOELEO SAT T50 DB PRO Tubular Wheels




YOELEO SAT C35 DB PRO Offset CX/Gravel Clincher/Tubeless


YOELEO SAT C45 DB PRO Offset CX/Gravel Clincher/Tubeless


YOELEO SAT C50 DB PRO Offset CX/Gravel Clincher/Tubeless


YOELEO 650B SAT C35 DB PRO Offset CX/Gravel Clincher/Tubeless


High Level of Compatibility

The YOELEO PRO wheels are compatible with most groupset in the market. You can select the correct freehub for a Shimano 11.12 speed, Sram 10.11 speed, Sram XDR, or Campagnolo 11.12 speed. We can even provide the necessary spacers for 9/10 speed bikes, so you don't have to worry about any drivetrain compatibility issues.

When specifying your YOELEO PRO wheels, you can choose between four axle options. The front wheel comes with either a QR*100mm, 12*100mm Thru Axle, or 15*100mm Thru Axle. You can specify if you want a QR*135mm, 12*135mm Thru Axle, or 12*142mm Thru Axle for the rear wheel.

YOELEO PRO Wheel Profile
We build the PRO road wheel with depths ranging from 38mm to 88mm, and the gravel wheels are 35, 45, or 50mm deep.

The shallower wheels are designed as light-weight race wheels, suitable for most conditions you come across on the mountain or hilly road. Our deeper wheels are super aerodynamic and shine at high-speed on flat terrain but still stable in the crosswind, as a result of U-shaped rim.

We have chosen to build the PRO road wheels 25mm or 27mm wide, while the gravel wheels are 30mm wide. These wider wheel sizes are proven to be faster, more comfortable, and more efficient than thinner wheels, enhancing the PRO's performance further on both smooth and rough surface.

Value For Money

The YOELEO PRO gravel carbon wheels are priced between $879 and $929, and the road wheels range from $829 to $999. These price points put them at the upper end of our range. Still, they offer incredible value for money, especially due to their excellent level of performance compared to our rivals.

Peace Of Mind

We are confident that you will get a quality and reliable wheelset. So, all our bike wheels come with a three-year warranty, but you can extend the warranty if you wish. Another demonstration of the quality of the YOELEO PRO Wheels is that they are UCI Approved and SGS Certified.


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