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General Question – About Payment

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept PayPal, Bank Transfer and Western Union as payment method.

Q: Do you accept Master Card/Credit Card?

A: Yes, you can choose PayPal payment and using your Master Card/Credit Card.

Q: What is the currency on your website?

A: It is US dollar (USD).

Q: Can I pay with CAD / AUD?

A: Yes, you can choose PayPal payment, and on final payment page it can be converted to CAD/AUD.

General Question – About After Sales Service

Q: What is your warranty policy?

A: As of January 1st of 2023, we offer a 6-year warranty for frameset orders and a 3-year warranty for wheelset orders. Please refer to the following link for the terms of warranty and return: ​https://www.yoeleobike.com/warranty-return/

Q: How to apply your warranty?

A: Should you have any warranty issue, please send email to service@yoeleobike.com or contact your sales representative directly, we will instruct you how to apply warranty.

Q: Do you have any Return and Refund Policy?

A: Yes, we do. Please check the policy details through below link:


General Question – About Shipping

Q: Which shipping method do you use to ship to USA?

A: We use EMS for rims/wheels/frames and forks order, other small parts order will be shipped by ePacket or Singapore Post.

Q: How long does it take for delivery to Singapore/USA/UK etc.?

A: EMS parcel usually takes about 7-10 workdays to countries like Singapore,USA and Australia, for UK, it takes around 15-18 workdays.

For ePacket or Singapore Post takes around 15 workdays to be delivered.

If unexpected situation such as bad weather or accident etc. happen, there might be some delay for shipping.(Don`t worry, it happens rarely.)

Q: Is there a tracking number that I can track where my parcel is ?

A: Yes, every single package has an unique tracking number to track the parcel status.

Q: Is it free shipping on your website?

A: Yes, our listed price is for free shipping. For faster delivery and efficient service locally, welcome check with our worldwide dealers for product availability and shipping if you are in these listed countries.

Q: There is no status update for some days, is it normal?

A: EMS does not update tracking info everyday. Normally they will update it when the parcel reaches a new sorting center. Please be a little more patient. The package is on the way to you.

General Question – About Customs Taxes

Q: Do I have to pay any additional fees or customs taxes?

A: Normally we will make lower invoice value to help customers save/avoid taxes. However, for some countries which have strict taxes rules, we suggest you guide us on the appropriate value to meet your country policy.

Q: How much taxes will I need to pay?

A: Actually the taxes amount percentage varies for different countries, so you can find some info about it locally, also we will check with our customers from the same region as yours to get some related info.

General Question – About Contact Info

Q: How can I reach you?

A: You can

Email us: info@yoeleobike.com or service@yoeleobike.com

Call us: 86-592-5651740

Contact us by Online Chat from our website

Find us from Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yoeleocarbon

Or Visit our Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/yoeleo

General Product Question

Q: Is there any riders' weight limit for your bicycle wheels or rims ?

A: Yes, the weight limit is as follow,





Q: What is the max tire pressure for wheels?

A: For road rims: max 125psi for clincher, max 180psi for tubular, max 90psi for tubeless

  For 20" rims: max 125psi

  For MTB rims: max 65psi

Q: What makes YOELEO different than other suppliers that have the same specs?


1) All our road bike wheels are UCI approved.  

2) Our wheels pass SGS test under EN standard

3) Higher temperature resistance on our rims braking track.

4) We are the sponsor of an Italian professional cycling team: Cykein

5) We have wide customer base all over the world,find more customers feedback from:


And customers video reviews, click here.

Q: Which carbon fiber do you use on your carbon wheels?

A: We use Toray T700 & T800 carbon fiber.

Q: May I know the spoke tension on your wheels?

A: Front Wheel: 110-120kgf

    Rear Wheel: Non Drive Side : 90-100kgf , Drive Side:140kgf

General Product Question – About Wheels

Q: What does SAT wheels refer to?

A: Yoeleo SAT wheels refers to wheels built with our SAT Tech (Special Assembling Technology). These wheels are WITHOUT spoke holes on its rims tire bed which greatly improves wheels performance on below aspects:

1. Increases 30% strength to wheels;

2. Performs better on bumps and pot holes;

3. Inflation capacity increases 10%;

4. Reduces wheels weight due to no rim tapes required

Q: What is the difference among tubular, clincher and tubeless?

A: Tubular: A tubular – or tub – is a tire with an inner tube stitched inside. The tubular is glued to a specially designed rim, or sometimes stuck there with double-sided tape. If you puncture a tubular, you can often repair it with a Latex-based liquid sealant. Otherwise, you have to take the tubular off the rim, open up the backing, patch the tube, sew it up and stick it back on. It’s a faff, to be blunt.

Clincher: Clinchers tires are what the vast majority of us use these days: tyres with beads around the edge that hook into the rim of a clincher wheel, with entirely separate inner tubes that you can repair or replace if you puncture.

Tubeless: Tubeless tires are a style of tire which interfaces directly with a special type of bike rim - a tubeless rim - to create a seal, and no inner tube is required. There is a liquid sealant which is used to create a strong juncture between the tubeless tire and the rim.

Q: What is the hub difference among Novatec 291-sl/482-sl/ Yoeleo SL-PRO/ DT Swiss 350 /DT Swiss 240S from your road rim brake wheels?

A: Novatec 291-sl/482-sl hubs are manufactured by Novatec based in Taiwan. Its weight is 60+228g, with A.B.G (Anti Bite Guard) freehub body which can well protect the freehub body from being bitten by the cassette.

Yoeleo SL-PRO hubs are manufactured by Bitex also based in Taiwan. They weigh 66+192g, also with anti bite system (3 pcs stainless splines on freehub body) to prevent the freehub body from cassette gouging. Besides, they are with ceramic bearings.

DT Swiss 350 & DT Swiss 240S are both straight pull hubs, possess great quality and high performance, and are known as its delicate workmanship & advanced technology as well as superior spinning performance.

DT Swiss 350 weighs 110g+264g , Star RATCHET System

DT Swiss 240S weighs 105g+209g, Star RATCHET System

The patented freewheel system, which is featured with high-precision star ratchets, guarantees top performance and reliability.

Q:What is the difference among STD, SL, PRO wheels?

A: STD, SL, PRO are 3 series of wheels built with same rims, but different on hubs and spokes combination.

STD is for standard. The STD wheels are built with Novatec hubs 291-sl/482-sl hubs and 2 types of J bent spokes for your selection, be it Pillar 1432 or Sapim cx ray spokes.

SL is for super light, those wheels are built with Yoeleo SL-PRO hubs (ceramic bearings hubs) and J bent Sapim cx ray spokes

PRO wheels are built with top brand DT Swiss 350 /DT Swiss 240S hubs (Straight Pull) and straight pull Sapim cx ray spokes. They are excellent wheels for racing or high level riding experience achieving. Moreover, they are super durable, and with outstanding spinning performance.

Q: What is the spoke count for your road wheels?

A: For rim brake road wheels, the spoke count is front 20, rear 24.

  For disc brake road wheels. The spoke count is front 24, rear 24.

If your weight is close to the rider`s weight limit on certain wheels, and willing to take spoke count as front 24, rear 28 for rim brake type, or front 28, rear 28 for disc brake type, please email us by info@yoeleobike.com for further communication.

Q: Will your wheels fit Shimano 9/10 speed ?

A: Yes, to fit Shimano 9 speed, you will need 2 spacers, and to fit Shimano 10 speed, you need 1 spacer. Please contact us to get spacers to mount on your freehub, so they will fit.

Q: What material is the wheels brake surface, using what brake pads ?

A: Yoeleo rim brake wheels are built with 1K carbon fiber brake surface and supplied with our ceramic brake pads which specifically designed for use on carbon braking surfaces. If you need brake pad replacements, please click here and order directly online. We also recommend these brake pads: Swisstop Yellow / Black Prince / Reynolds Blue to be used on our wheels.

Q: What tire width should I choose to fit your 23mm/25mm wide wheels ?

A: We recommend tire width 700x23(25) for 23mm wide wheels, 700x25(28) for 25mm wide wheels.

Q: Do you sell single wheel ? I just need a front/rear wheel.

A: Yes we do, you can contact us by info@yoeleobike.com , and let us know the wheel specification you need, and we can arrange the order for you.

Q: Can I buy wheels without your logo ?

A: Yes, it is ok for no logo, you can select “No Decal” directly from the first option on wheels page.

Q: Can I customize my own logo design on your wheels or rims?

A: Yes, we offer customized painting service. Please contact us by info@yoeleobike.com for detailed info.

Q: Do you sell rims only? Can I customize the rims spoke holes ?

A: Yes, you can place orders for rims directly from here , and if you didn’t find the exact rims spoke count you need, please email us by info@yoeleobike.com with the holes type you prefer.

Questions on Road Disc Brake Wheels

Q: What is the hub difference of your road disc brake wheels for STD/SL/PRO?

A: Please check the hubs difference from below:

Wheels Type

Hub Type

Based In

Hubs Weight

Spoke Type

Brake Type



Novatec D791SB/D792SB



J Bent

6-bolt Disc Brake

A.B.G freehub

(Anti Bite Guard)


Novatec D411CB/D412CB



Straight Pull

Center Lock

A.B.G freehub

(Anti Bite Guard)



DT Swiss 350



Straight Pull

Center Lock

Star RATCHET System

DT Swiss 240S



Straight Pull

Center Lock

Star RATCHET System

Q:What is the difference of your STD/SL/PRO road disc brake wheels?

A: STD, SL, PRO are 3 series of wheels built with same rims, but different on hubs and spokes combination.

STD is for standard. The STD wheels are built with Novatec hubs D791SB/D792SB hubs and J bent Pillar 1432 spokes. These wheels are relatively heavier than SL or Pro series.

SL is for super light. SL wheels are built with Novatec hubs D411CB/D412CB hubs and J bent Sapim cx ray spokes

PRO wheels are built with top brand DT Swiss 350 /DT Swiss 240S hubs (Straight Pull) and straight pull Sapim cx ray spokes. They are excellent wheels for racing or high level riding experience achieving. Moreover, they are super durable, and with outstanding spinning performance.

Q: Is your road disc brake wheel come with braking track or not?

A: Our road disc brake wheels are built without braking track, but if you need the rims to be with brake track, please contact us to customize your order.

Q: What is the recommended rotor size for your road disc brake wheels?

A: We recommend 140mm or 160mm rotors, but you also need to check if it is ok to fit your frame .

Q: How do I select disc brake wheels axles options to fit my bike?

A: We have front hub axle options as QR*100mm, 12*100mm Thru Axle or 15*100mm Thru Axle, rear hub axle options as QR*135mm, 12*135mm Thru Axle or 12*142mm Thru Axle

All disc brake wheels order, do not come with thru axles.
If you can`t tell from your current bike frame axle system, we would recommend you contact your bike frame supplier or let us know more about your bike details.


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