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We are thrilled to invite you to celebrate YOELEO 10th anniversary with us.

In the past 10 years, we`ve been through challenges and success, but our biggest achievement is to have all of you around to witness the growth of YOELEO.

To recall those beautiful moments we`ve been through together, we sincerely invite you to join in  YOELEO 10th Anniversary Video Challenge, and we are giving away exciting prizes to all participants as gesture of gratitude!


How to join the video challenge ?


Step 1.

You are invited to create a 1-5 minutes (3 minutes recommended) video together with YOELEO product (example as the thumbnail). Make sure your video contains following:

  • Brief Introduction: Your name and country you are from
  • Cycling Story: How you start cycling, how long you’ve been cycling and share 1 or 2 cycling stories that is memorable/interesting/meaningful to you
  • Your impression towards “Made in China”
  • A summary on how you find us, how long you’ve been using YOELEO, and your cycling experience with YOELEO
  • Your wish and expectation for YOELEO


Step 2.

Sending the original video to, and make sure it is accessible for downloading.


Step 3.

YOELEO team will upload all the videos to YOELEO YouTube Channel, and inform you when it is uploaded. Therefore you can share this video link to your social media and ask as many friends as possible to LIKE on this video.


What Do I Need to Know about The Challenge ?


Participation Duration:

From Feb 1st 2022 to Jun 30th,2022 - During this period, you are allowed to create your video and send it to YOELEO. If you haven`t own any YOELEO products yet, there`s still time to buy and join in this challenge soon!


Winner Announcement Date: Jan 1st,2023 - We set plenty of time for you to gain as much LIKES as possible, and the LIKES will be counted on Dec 31st 2022. The earlier you sent us your video, the higher chance you can gain more LIKES.


What Do I Get If I Win ?


We judge the winner by LIKES on the video uploaded to YOELEO YouTube Channel, and we set abundant prizes for participants as follow:


The top 5 videographers earning the most likes will win:

  • 3 days 2 nights free accommodation for ride in Bali with YOELEO team
  • Rapha Cycling Jersey in 10th anniversary design
  • Special 10th anniversary gift package


The top 6 to top 10 videographers earning the most likes will win:

  • YOELEO carbon frameset in 10th anniversary design 
  • Rapha Cycling Jersey in 10th anniversary design
  • Special 10th anniversary gift package


The top 11 to top 50 videographers earning the most likes will win:

  • Rapha Cycling Jersey in 10th anniversary design
  • Special 10th anniversary gift package


All rest participants can get:

Special 10th anniversary gift package with 1 piece of YOELEO cap and 1 piece of YOELEO T-Shirt in it.


How Do I Know If I Win ?


We will send emails to all the winners and participants to notify about the rank and confirm on the shipping info etc.

We will also announce the winners through our social media, so make sure you followed our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and joined in our Facebook Group already.

If you want to know more about our 10th Anniversary Challenge, welcome contact us by


Need Inspiration? Check Great Story Below.


So, what are you waiting for?


Start recording, start riding!


Show us your masterpiece!

  • Gil

    Just a note to say 1) congrats on 10 years! Hope you continue growing and producing amazing products that are top quality and remain affordable!

    And 2) this sort of contest sounds awesome, but what I’ve seen is that the more professional videographers/influencers (mostly already established youtubers, for example, who already have tons of experience and resources) tend to win ‘cos – of course! – they already know how to do prepare, record and edit videos, and have the right gear, can travel to cool locations, etc. Maybe if you had categories for pros and non-pros, or if you excluded established (or at least the bigger ones) videographers/influencers, you’d get more organic, “real costumer” content, instead of the sort of really flashy, fancy, but “fake-feeling” content that these sort of contests tend to produce.


    April 24, 2023
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